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Having training and behavior knowledge is an integral part of rescue work, as we see a lot of dogs come in that need more than just physical care. We want to acknowledge two women that have helped change the lives of our rescue dogs, as well as educate and assist our foster families when problems arise. Since the start of our organization, Rita Stanley has aided many of our fosters by being the go-to lady for any training needs. Our foster families and board members talk about how much they appreciate her time to help talk them through new techniques to try. We’ve gotten wonderful results from Rita over the years, which means our amazing foster dogs can live on to have a great life in their forever home! Thank you, Rita! 
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As an official introduction to those who have not worked with her yet, Olivia Scalora is our newest member of the Save Yorkie Rescue Board! She is working to learn all the ins and outs of our 'behind the scenes' work by assisting in Foster Coordinator work and taking on the Secretary position. Most importantly, Olivia is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant who joined the SAYR family in 2019 when she adopted her dog Phoebe. She has three dogs who are her whole world: Winston, Phoebe, and Rhea - two of which are from SAYR! She graduated from the CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in 2022 and has been building her life-long dream career in the dog world since 2018. She has fostered multiple dogs with our organization so far, some of which benefitted from professional training before going off to their forever home. Olivia has also helped multiple foster families work through difficult behavioral issues that they were experiencing. Her newest endeavor was the opportunity to open her very own business called Olivia’s Pack, LLC. She encounters a new adventure every day! Olivia’s dream and passion is to apply her skill set to help rescue dogs in need. Everyone deserves a second chance! Some dogs come into rescue with a troubling past and need behavioral training. Olivia is helping our foster dogs in need and can help you and your dog too, even if you don’t reside in her area! She offers phone and video consultations and sessions for your convenience! Join us in acknowledging these two women! 
If you are interested in contacting Olivia’s Pack, LLC, see the following options:
Call or Text 302-439-0756


Save A Yorkie Rescue does not solicit adoption of their Yorkies on Craigslist!  If you see a posting for Save A Yorkie Rescue on Craigslist - IT IS A SCAM - and you should flag it and report it to Craigslist immediately!


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 Our hope is that you have come to this site today to learn more about the breed, to determine if a Yorkie is right for your family, and to offer to do what you can to help save a Yorkie. It doesn't take a saint or a martyr to save a Yorkie. You just have to say, "Yes!" You are in the right place. Welcome!

While we would love for you to adopt a Yorkie, there are many ways to save Yorkies!  Join us - make phone calls, transport an hour, attend pet events, spread the word -  There IS a rescue for Yorkies!  And YOU can be a part of it!

The easiest method is by https://www.goodsearch.com/register signing up  at Goodshop.com, selecting Save A Yorkie Rescue as your cause, and then using the Goodshop shopping portal anytime you need to shop online.

When you buy anything at any of 5,000+ retailers online through the portal, Goodshop automatically donates funds to our rescue.

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Lookie  Lookie Lookie   Who loves our Yorkies!     Adam Green and his Yorkie, Arwen!

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