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Contact A MyLow's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Julia (juliasaveayorkierescue@yahoo.com), (703) 503-7247, (703) 980-4474

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About A MyLow

  • Status: Available for Adoption (starting 9/25/2021) (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $250.00
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D210040
  • General Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie colors)
  • Current Size: 8 Pounds
  • Current Age: 13 Years 1 Month (best estimate)
  • Location: Fairfax VA 22032 (703) 503-7247
  • Microchipped: Yes

MyLow is available for adoption.

He is 13 years old and weighs 8 lbs.

His adoption fee is $250.00.

Do you live in an apartment or condo but wouldn't mind taking several walks a day?  If you've answered "yes", MyLow may be the dog for you. At 8 pounds, he's compact!   Of course, you'll also want to be prepared for a pup who loves to snuggle.  MyLow seems to have no use for his dog bed as the only really acceptable places to lay are in the laps of people or on their beds.  If there are no laps or beds available, he makes himself comfortable on a padded mat.  Another plus is, he's not much of a barker.  The only "woof" so far has been at a repairman.  

MyLow goes in and out a small exercise pen without any difficulty.  He's fed in the exercise pen so he does associate it with a positive experience.  He has spent some time in the exercise pen when everyone in the family has had to be out of the house for a few hours.  We know he's settling in to the household as he lets every member of the family hold him and has started offering his tummy up for belly rubs. Scratches behind the ears are welcome along with the belly rubs.  He's discriminating with his kisses; some members of our family get more than others.  Right now he isn't playing with toys but his interaction with us is playful.
Next week, he's off to get groomed so we hope to update his photo library then.  For his age, 13, MyLow has taken easily to going up and down carpeted stairs.  He should be available to go to his forever home by the end of September.


Mini (8 pound) powerhouse MyLow was not impressed with all the rain that fell in Virginia this week but didn't object to going outside as long as he got to wear a yellow raincoat.  The raincoat is a small but MyLow being long and lean looks a bit dwarfed in it.  At 13 years old, MyLow gets around quite well -- stairs, jumping up in chairs and laps and even on to the bed have been doable.  He whirls and twirls at dinner time and never really walks but seems to prance.  As the weather improved and our front door open, his ears have been on alert as he keenly watches the outside goings on through the glass at the bottom of the screen door.

It was noted on his surrender documents that he had lived with cats and been good with children.  As Foster Mom and Dad have neither, we can only tell you he gets along fine with adults and other dogs his size.  Tends to have a sensitive tummy so for now we're feeding him a low fat wet food.  Potty habits continue to improve but we can't say he's fully house trained.  However, we have noticed that taking him out after naps is a good time and whenever he jumps down from a lap is another good indicator that he needs to go outside.
Hopefully in another week or so, he'll be playing with toys.  He's not yet initiated play with toys, but checks to see where thrown toys land.  Play bows are also now in his repertoire of moves so he's opening up more and more.  Barking so far has been pretty limited.  He's not yet chimed in when the other dogs bark but seems to be checking to see if it's worth the effort!  So, for now, a discriminating bark or two seems to be the limit.
MyLow may be just the little guy for you if you want a cuddly, sweet, quiet companion.

MyLow is staying with Julia in Fairfax, VA.

Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) qualified non-profit organization operating on donations from Yorkie lovers who care. Please help by donating your tax deductible donations. 


mail your check or money order to Save A Yorkie Rescue  575 Upper Market St, Milton, PA 17847

YOUR generosity is appreciated!

1. Yorkies do not usually get along well with small children and can be injured by small children, even ones who love them. Be aware of this and keep them apart. 2. Yorkies can be very difficult (nearly impossible) to housebreak. If you are gone for more than 3 hours at a time, the dog will have to have access to wee wee pads, or need someone to stop in to let him out to potty.
3. We almost NEVER get a puppy (less than one year old) in Yorkie Rescue. If only a puppy will do, check the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America website for a recommended breeder - never buy over the Internet, or from a newspaper ad or a petstore. The heartache you save will be immeasureable.
4. There is no such thing as a "teacup" Yorkie, so don't be misled by such a description. LEARN about the breed BEFORE you decide to adopt.
5. You will need to make arrangements to drive and meet the dog at the foster home which can be in New Jersey, western PA, Maryland,  etc. The dog's biography lists where the dog is fostering. We want you to meet the dog with your family and your dog, if you have one. This is a requirement for adoption.

Adoption donations generally vary from dog to dog, it depends on the health, the age and the size of the dog.

Young Yorkies will have a higher adoption donation since they are the most highly sought after and they help to cover the costs of the older dogs who have a harder time finding a loving home. It is sad but true that people overwhelming demand very young dogs when they would be infinitely happier with a mellow adult. 


Save A Yorkie Rescue prefers to adopt only in the PA, NJ, western NY, DE, MD, VA, some CT area's. If you are in the NYC area or near Long Island, there is a Yorkie Rescue closer to you. 

Be aware that you will be asked to drive to meet and pick up your dog.


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