Animal Success Stories
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We are so happy that we easily made the decision to offer our family to Twinkee. Twink quickly decided that she would have all of us. She has been stealing our hearts since the day we picked her up at the airport. Foster fail they call it. We are overjoyed to be a member of this club. Thank you SAYR for asking us to foster sweet little Twink. She will forever have a loving home and everything else she will need. Please support Save a Yorkie Rescue-there are many more that need homes & medical care. Congratulations Twinkee!!!


Everything worked out with the Maryann and Michael for the meet and greet and adoption. Oakley is on his way to his forever home. Now I need to recover, feeling sad. We are really going to miss that little guy!! What a joy to have him here. Their dog, Vittoria has the same personality as our Stella...super loving and playful…that will be great for Oakley! They are renaming him Luca. Congratulations Oakley!!!


Wilson is adopted! He met his forever family and seemed to take to them right away! Teri and Don are a lovely couple and fell in love with him very quickly. The meet and greet went smoothly from the fist moment. I wasn’t worried about that, but I was worried about when they loaded him in their car and drove him home. He surely didn’t understand what was happening and since you can’t explain all this to them I stressed about that moment. It was hard. But it was just a moment in his big life picture and we were blessed to be part of his life story. We will miss him and love him always♥️. Wilson is now blessed with a family that will give him a home and love him forever. They will give him the best life possible(already seems like he may get a bit spoiled)! We are so happy for him and his new family! Congratulations Wilson!


What is it about this little girl? Is it her skip-hop walk? Is it that she jumps in the car as soon as you open the door? Is it that she literally smiles? I don’t know but on Sunday, when we were taking our evening walk, I turned to my husband and said, “I think she’s the one.” To be fair, I have said that about every single foster dog (except for one but that’s a story for another day!) but my husband has always been more rational an vetoed me every time …… except this time. With the words of agreement barely out of my husband’s mouth, I texted Bonnie to ask if we could adopt Rosie. It is possible that Rosie overheard and understood that this was a done deal because her attitude has shifted from a guest in our house to queen of the castle. She no longer settles into whichever bed is available, she selects the biggest, softest one – which is usually ours! Before sitting on the leather sofa, she demands that we put a blanket down, so she doesn’t have to sit on the cold surface. But she lets me put her in frilly dresses and she still jumps in our laps and covers us with kisses. She also gets along with Tucker, which is no small feat. We are so happy that Rosie is part of our family! We will be skip hopping together down the sidewalk! Congratulations Rosie!!!


Wish came into foster on August 12th by way of Pilots N Paws to McKean, PA to spend some time with foster mom and dad, Babs and Chris. She was surrendered by her loving owner who only wanted the best for this little girl. During the time she has been with us, she has totally acclimated to our way of life and is an absolute joy to have around. She is fun loving and is quick to grab a toy and throw it in the air to entice someone (anyone) The minute we sit down, she jumps up for some cuddle time. She keeps us active by demanding her 3 walks a day. She has completely won over the hearts of all of our friends and family. One day as we walked down the road with her, Chris asked me if I had received any calls or applications that day. I looked at him and said can you imagine our home without her? HE agreed and she found her forever home with us and we could not be happier! Congratulations Wish!!!

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