Animal Success Stories
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A Beautiful Tilly

Tilly has found her forever home and mom. She will be living the life in DC being pampered like the princess she deserves to be. It was a teary goodbye by her foster mom and dad but knowing that she is going to be loved and well cared for helped ease the sadness. Tilly was such an easy dog to foster and we will miss her so much. She is so sweet and I know that her new mom Ida will love her so much. We love you Tilly and we are so happy for you and your mom.


Lollie found her forever home yesterday. Her new family loves her but it will take her a little time to adjust. She is a very affectionate dog and certainly will get the attention she needs. Congratulations Lollie!!!


Banditt has been adopted by a wonderful couple in PA, the Todaro’s, who will make him the prince that he deserves to be. His adopters previously adopted through SAYR but Chase recently passed away and they felt the time was right to open their hearts to another rescue dog. Banditt initially did not get along with his foster siblings, Lucy and Teddy, but over time he learned to tolerate and then to happily live and play with them. The Todaro family would eventually like to adopt another dog but will give Banditt the time he needs to adjust to his new life. This was foster mom Nancy Myers‘ first dog to foster, which proved to be challenging initially, but she shed tears as Banditt and his new parents drove away. Best wishes for Banditt and his mom and dad. We will miss you Banditt! Congratulations Banditt!!!


The Toth Family lost their 2 Yorkies at the age of 16 last Fall. One of them was adopted years ago from SAYR. They decided it was time to rescue a new friend. After adoption approval and some emails and a few phone conversations, they met Pixzee. She is active, playful and a great companion! Pixzee was just the type of Yorkie the Toths were hoping for. After their meet and greet on Sunday, we all decided they were a great match. Pixzee is getting used to her new home where she has a wonderful, spacious fenced in yard to zoom around. As the only dog in their home, Pixzee is being treated like the princess she is! High “Paws” all around! Congratulations Pixzee!!!


The LoVarco family had been approved in February to adopt a needy dog from SAYR, and it wasn't long before dream dog, Skittles, caught their eye. Yesterday, with tail wagging and a heart full of joy, Skittles finally had a meet and greet with this loving family. His playful and affectionate personality shined through, and he and the LoVarcos formed an instant connection. It wasn't long before we all knew that this was the perfect match and the adoption was finalized. Now Skittles, aka Ollie, will spend his days surrounded by love in his forever home, receiving all the attention he ever dreamed of. Here's to happy endings and new beginnings! Two hearts Dog face. Congratulations Skittles!!!

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