Animal Success Stories
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It’s Official! Teddie has been adopted! Teddie’s new name is now Theo. This goofy boy makes us laugh each day! He has made a great addition to our family. He and Charlie, our 3-year-old rescue, love to play chase and cuddle with each other. Our rescue kitty, Freeloader now allows Theo to come into her personal space, which is great because Theo does not understand the meaning of personal space. He is constantly climbing on us, throwing his head on our necks, legs, chest, pillow, anything to get up close and in your business! Theo recently had a dental treatment, and unfortunately due to previous neglect, lost 14 teeth and had 2 missing already. He has recovered well and is eating like a champ! He is very food motivated, which causes some challenges for our senior boy, Bo. Bo is not used to such a big, little brother getting to the treats first. (But we secretly give Bo Treats when Theo isn’t looking) We continue to work on training and commands and Theo continues to make progress. Theo is still learning to walk on a lead. Overall, Theo is settling in nicely. Every day he seems to be more comfortable with his surroundings. When Theo first arrived, he was constantly looking for a way to escape. His flight instincts are still strong, but we feel them waning a bit each day as he appears to be coming to terms with the fact that this is furever home. Theo is now our goof ball, who just needed some unconditional love and lots and lots of pets and cuddles. He loves being part of a pack. We have no doubt, he will continue to make us laugh daily as he continues to get acclimated to his new home, parents, brothers, and sister. He truly has brightened up our home with his blonde head and underbite smile! Thank you SAYR for bringing this bundle of joy to us. Congratulations Teddie!!!