Animal Success Stories
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Quinn not only has a new loving Mom and Dad, and he now has a brother, Brodie. Allyssa and Joe were so excited to finally meet this little boy and Quinns tail was wagging so fast we thought it was going to come unhinged. LOL He spent a lot of time on Allyssas lap covering her face with kisses, leaving no spot untouched. We talked and talked and then all the necessary paperwork was signed along with instructions and the last of Quinns belongings were packed. He will be enjoying long walks, lots of attention, lots of kisses and will be loved and spoiled to pieces. Thank you to his new family for giving Quinn his happily ever after. After nearly five months in rescue, a surgery and countless tests, and still being just a baby, Quinn was leaving Pennsylvania and traveling home to another state. Our eyes filled with emotion as they drove away. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Live long, live healthy, live happy, sweet Quinn! Congratulations Quinn!!!