Animal Success Stories
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Little Bohde became a “foster failure” on September 3rd. He has been renamed Bon Jovi and answers to Jovi. He came into his foster from a Humane Society after his owner could no longer care for him. He is 11 years old, weighs 6 pounds and has no teeth. Initially, he had trust issues, not allowing anyone to pick him up. He would bite when touched. An xpen was used in his training, where he felt safe. Foster mom spent many hours beside the pen, talking to Jovi and reassuring him that his life would be ok. The vet wanted him to gain some weight, so a lot of effort was put into nutrition, which also resulted in improved behavior after two months’ time. During his time as a foster, he received up to date vaccinations as well as neutering. His fearful attitude slowly improved after many consultations with SAY members who were so supportive when I became discouraged. Jovi loves long walks with Foster sister, Roo. He displays an attitude of joyousness during his walk, sniffing and peeing on every mailbox. He tells us when he needs to go out and does a good job listening. He has picked up two ounces and seems healthy. He displays the characteristic Yorkie twirl when he wants something. I decided he should not go through this all over again, since his separation had caused so much anxiety. He is well loved by his new mom, Janet, as well as friends and family. Congratulations Bohde!!!