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Contact Summer's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Lisa (, (215) 805-9467

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About Summer

  • Status: Adopted! | View Summer's Success Story!
  • Adoption Fee: $550.00
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D210028
  • General Color: Silver & Tan (Yorkie colors)
  • Current Size: 4 Pounds
  • Current Age: 9 Years 1 Month (best estimate)
  • Location: Philadelphia PA 19153 (215) 805-9467
  • Microchipped: Yes

Summer is available for adoption.

She is 8 years old and weighs 4 lbs.

Her adoption fee is $550.00.

Update 7/7/2021
There is good news on the home front with Ms. Summer.  She has been healing nicely and has started to come out of her shell.  Characteristics mentioned by the previous owner have finally shown themselves.    First and foremost she is a yipper and when she wants your attention or something she will not shut up until you respond.  
She has started to play fetch which was one of her traits and she is not at all afraid of my two girls especially Misty who is so much larger than her but so far there have been no incidences with fighting or aggression although Summer will growl at them both.
The cultures that were taken after her surgery came back with many issues but additional medication was prescribed.   She will be getting her stitches removed before the week is out and then she will be able to play her heart out.     In the coming weeks she will be scheduled for a dental procedure and hope that she does not lose too many teeth but it seems that they all end up losing a few.   She has finally conquered the steps which took up until Monday before she felt comfortable.   She has started to eat the dry dog food the other two eat and I am extremely happy about that.  She is still a little under 4 lbs but we are working on that and I expect that to change in the weeks ahead.  Doesn't like to take the medications via syringe but we deal with it.  She is sitting on my lap as I type with her life ring around her neck as she thinks this is her new bed....she just wants to be near!
So here are the many positive things about Summer that make her a special little lady:
She loves to cuddle, does her business either outside or on a pee pad, sleeps through the night, gets along with other dogs although she thinks she is as big as a German Shepard and listens to commands like sit and stay.  She doesn't like to be hollered at and will go down on her back to let you know she is sorry.  That's all I have for right now.  Stay tuned for updates.

By the way,  if you want to find something to do with all of the masks that you have, this is what I had to come up with to cover the wound that summer had prior to her surgery.  

Update: 6/30/2021
Well I am back in the arms of my foster mother.  Oh the joy I felt when the nurse brought me out to her.  Being in ICU for three days was no fun and of course they were all to busy to give me what my foster mommy does and that’s holding, petting, kissing and talking to me which I have to say started the minute she let me come to her home.
Now to the health issues.  I had a hernia and my bowels were not where they should be so they had to remove a piece and put it back together.  They also had to take out my spleen.  What a wild ride I took but I made it through and now I start my recovery.   I am starting to eat but really I have no choice, my mommy is   Pushy and does not give into me moving my face around and trying to get away.
I am so glad  my mommy bought a nice Elizabeth collar because I hated that plastic one.  My goodness how was I supposed to drink water with that thing on.
Well that’s all I have for now.  It’s nap time since I just got a shot of pain medication.   Hope you enjoy the pictures, stay tuned for another update next week.
Summer was taken to a specialist on Saturday morning and after further testing it was determined that is was necessary to perform surgery right away as it was deemed to be an emergency.  Summer had a hernia that also involved her bowel of which a piece had to be removed.   She came through the surgery and is resting comfortably in ICU.  The surgeon has been giving me updates and feels Summer is doing fine as of this morning(Monday).  She is on IV and oral pain meds and should be released tomorrow if things stay stable.  We are now looking at the road to recovery.  Not sure how long that is but I am ready for it and she will continue to get all of the love and attention she so  deserves.  She was 3.8 lbs and so now with the surgery behind her she should start to eat and put on a little weight.  She still has a dental and grooming treatment ahead of her but we will be waiting until there is medical clearance before we can proceed.This little girl is such a trooper.  She never showed me at any time distress given her condition.  She followed me wherever I went, did her business on a per pad and slept through the night next to my 2 girls.
Say hello to Summer.  She is an approximately 8 year old 4 pound sweet heart who is so deserving of a loving home.   She loves to ride in the car and it does not take long for her to be so relaxed she falls asleep.  While I have not taken her for a walk as yet she will do her business in the yard and on the pee pads and has yet to have any accidents.   She gets along very well with other dogs and is not at all intimidated since she has joined my two yorkies and never feels threatened.  While she needs to gain a little more weight (struggled in the beginning to get her to eat) she now has started to eat.
She was taken to my vet for an evaluation as she has a mass on her abdomen and it was determined that she needed to see a specialist.  We are scheduled to see a surgeon on Saturday for another evaluation and to determine next steps.  
Summer is a "love bug" and thrives on all of the love and attention that she is now getting. I was so amazed at how quickly she came around to me and now does not want to be out of my sight!
Stay tuned for more updates on this precious little girl.
Summer is staying with Lisa in Philadelphia, PA.

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1. Yorkies do not usually get along well with small children and can be injured by small children, even ones who love them. Be aware of this and keep them apart. 2. Yorkies can be very difficult (nearly impossible) to housebreak. If you are gone for more than 3 hours at a time, the dog will have to have access to wee wee pads, or need someone to stop in to let him out to potty.
3. We almost NEVER get a puppy (less than one year old) in Yorkie Rescue. If only a puppy will do, check the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America website for a recommended breeder - never buy over the Internet, or from a newspaper ad or a petstore. The heartache you save will be immeasureable.
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