Animal Success Stories
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I had fostered CeCe since right after Thanksgiving, 2023. She was my very first foster – and I failed! Cece was very shy, skittish, and hid under the bed. It took 2 weeks for her to come out from under the bed for me and required a highly valued treat! In the third week she would not let me out of her sight. I was so honored that she began to trust me! And it has only gotten better. I am her person, and she is mine. She has started to play a little, and she now will eat in front of me! She keeps improving every day. I could not let her go! I am very thankful to SAY for allowing me to foster her and adopt her. She brings me so much joy everyday! Congratulations CeCe!!!

Gentleman George

On Sunday, January 14,2024, Georgie had his Meet and Greet . God put Victoria and Michael in my life so George would have the PERFECT HOME, bUT, he also knew we would all become best friends! We have a Havanese named Sadie, and so do they. How perfect ! Georgie brought Sadie all his toys and Sadie had lots of toys with her too! They ran, played and sniffed. Of course, Victoria, the perfect pup mom she is, brought lunch! Quiche, salad, and I had blueberry banana bread! It was a perfect day, full of PLAYING, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, AND TEARS!!! TOO MANY TEARS!!!! George was with us almost 4 months! My love for him will always be there. And to remember his love, they gave me a special bracelet that has in Morriscode-thanks for loving him Gratitude! George is adapting well, misses us, has my shirt I wore for a month, that I gave him, in his crate. We can visit him anytime, and we all are planning to see each other regularly. George will have a PERFECT, LOVING LIFE, now, just like I gave him as his foster mom. My heart is breaking missing him but he is so LOVED, and always will be with Michael and Victoria! You're in my daily prayers Georgie!


Our sweet little Bonnie has been officially adopted on Monday by the wonderful Paula and Curt. Paula contacted us even before they were approved while they were going thru the approval process. Tom and I had come to love Bonnie so much and knew how truly special she was. Paula asked all the right questions and had all the right answers to my questions and they embodied the family we knew would be the right fit for her. It was made official once they were approved. It was hard for them to wait until Bonnie could go to her new home due to her going into heat and then waiting for her to be spayed, but they realized Bonnie was the one and patiently waited until she was ready. Bittersweet is the perfect word for when you foster leaves with their new family, but Paula keeps me updated on her progress and I have to say she is doing great! At this time she has no furry siblings so she has both their undivided attention. They both are interested in several aspects of volunteering with SAYR, so hopefully our paths may cross again. A final note, they are going to call her Princess Bonnie, it is the name she is most comfortable with and answers to. Congratulations Princess Bonnie!!!


Kadee went to her new home on Saturday! Patrizia and her sister came to meet Kadee after a 5 hour drive from Virginia. They loved her immediately and Kadee sat in their lap as we were going over paperwork. Kadee then took the long drive back with them staying up the entire time! I thought my little girl must have been thinking what is going on??? Patrizia sent me a photo when they got home of Kadee exploring their beautiful backyard! She told me Kadee loves playing back there and runs all around exploring. She plays and watches tv with Patrizia's mom and has all the attention on her....which is something Kadee always insists on. One particular thing Kadeee now enjoys is when she is served her food she can eat a little....walk away for a while...and then go back and eat some more. When she was here with my two girls she would eat as fast as she could because as soon as my dogs finished their food they were right behind her watching. I had to stand in between like the food police to make sure they didn't chase her away from her food. It's been only 4 days that Kadee is in her new home and she is eating, sleeping and playing like she has been there forever! I miss her terribly but overjoyed that Kadee has a wonderful life ahead of her. Congratulations Kadee!!!


Marlie has found her forever home! She has been adopted by a couple who appeared to fall in love with her at first sight and vice versa. Marlie brought out her toy to show them and I knew that this was a going to be a good fit. Candy and Gary left with big smiles on their faces and a tiny dog on Candys lap. Best wishes for a long and happy life Marlie. We love you. Congratulations Marlie!!!

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